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The Key To Income Planning - Our New Book

Just released is our new book, "The Key To Income Planning".


Download the book The Key to Income Planning for free!

“Learn how income payments from personal injury judgments or lottery winnings can provide higher
yields and guaranteed payments for a more ‘Stress-Free’ retirement.” 

With record low interest rates, there is virtually no yield in savings accounts for anyone that is adverse to
market risk. Our seniors, retirees, and soon to be retired are stressed to find safe ways to get interest income on
their savings.

Institutional buyers and hedge funds have long been the sole beneficiaries of secondary market annuities
from factoring companies including “Get Cash Now” and “J. G. Wentworth”, as well as others in this industry.
This niche market of secondary market annuities is now available to individuals seeking safety and higher
yields for income planning. My book will provide insight to help you with better retirement planning.